1 Introduction to huīsè de

1.1 Just what is huīsè de system?

Let’s start with the definition, huīsè de - means grey or the grey, so it is the grey system. There is an intention there. Haohan and Fanli only where shades of grey.

Why grey?

1.1.1 Grey

The colour grey has been called boring. To be grey is to be bland. Like an overcast. To be lacking in colour or excitement. It might be said that grey doesn’t stand out but rather disappears from our view. A great system does just that. It is grey because it is an aesthetic that doesn’t scream for attention that we so often chase on social media platforms. Grey in a world of bright neon yellows and reds, may seem like a disadvantage, a way to go unheard. But, like many perceived disadvantages or constraints, adapt you in ways that benefit you in the long run. We are living in a 24/7 shouting war, where many have given up self-mastery and long term impact for short term views and likes on social media.

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1.1.2 Infinite Loop

We find ourselves in an infinite loop dressing ourselves up for our social groups (some real, most imagined) in exchange for temporal approval to which our receptors have become so habituated that we are always in search for a greater high.

1.1.3 Data-Driven

We have adapted. But are not anti-fragile. We have not found the answer, but we believe that we have discovered a system that will help us cut through the madness of modern life. We have gone through the tedious business of collecting data on ourselves that range from self-report to our psychophysiological signals and purchase history that we will release.

1.1.4 The Age of Maximum Entropy

1.1.5 The Pacifist and the Tyrant

1.1.6 A.I. and the Future

We are both working in artificial intelligence, we have called ourselves towards the action to