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A draft of what is fast becoming aa practical system to living in the age of entropy made explicit by Fanli (Christian) Zheng and Haohan Wang.

It will include the following > the practices > the principles > the diets (information, knowledge, food, media) > the investigations

Our daily practices (philosophy in action) can be followed live here. here (Haohan) and here (Fanli) or on our LinkedIn’s here and here

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As you read, consider that whatever you first think, is likely to be wrong, since you may have not pushed yourself far enough to the edge to see what it would make of you, so we encourage you to try such an experiment for 3 months. We will soon lay this out for those willing ot take such a challenge on.

0.1 disclaimers

It is patchwork. Which means it changes as we do, and that can be quite frequent, even if you don’t zoom in.

It is opinionated. The lines are drawn harshly but can be redrawn as more life is experienced or knowledge is gained.

It is working. In this age of misinformation and the move towards more herd like behaviour, this has been an antidote.

It is difficult. It isn’t easy giving up all the dopamine rushes you get from eating processed food or going out and drinking all night.

It is broken. Any thumbnail photo of how to live suffers from incompatible with the true underlying complexity produced by living as social animals. Let us hope this suffers infinitesimally less.

“I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.” - Wittgenstein

“Why are there beings at all instead of nothing?” - Martin Heidegger

“We are not here to follow or please the crowds, we are here in search for a way to carry our burden in a way that maximises the positive impact it has on living organisms. We are infinitesimal, but yet we have a life, thrown into the world as Heidegger might say, fortunate or not, we must muster the tireless questioning by way of experiment and empiricism as well as build on previous knowledge, though carefully. From it, we may derive, patch by patch, a way to shoulder our burden, always willing to start all over again. Why? To cut a path that is truly unique? For fame and/pr fortune? None of these reasons suffice. Because they lead to emptiness and a life filled with space. You must bring your on light and see what it does to the world. But your light cannot be gained by purely emulating others or following only what others tell you. You must gain your own light, that which others should intuitively feel is pointed elsewhere. So when you go out away from your group that kept you so safe, that you force yourself to adapt and begin to complete you, and just when you feel close to completion, you must start again. Patch by patch. Sharing your journey along the way.”